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How to Choose a Hardwood Floor Refinishing Contractor

How to choose a hardwood floor refinishing contractor

Even flooring as durable as hardwood will need regular care to last as long as possible and ensure it looks like new. Hardwood floor refinishing is the best way to do this, as the process is affordable and doesn’t take very long, but it can give your flooring the appearance of being installed just a few weeks ago. You will want to hire a contractor that specializes in refinishing hardwood floors and has the experience, skills, and tools necessary to get the job done. There are at least dozens of options in Austin, Texas, and the surrounding areas, but you should make sure to do your research so you get the best possible results.

Look at Reviews and Referrals

If you know someone who has recently had their hardwood floor refinished, then ask whom he or she used and whether he or she was satisfied with the service. Most contractors and businesses who install hardwood floors will also do refinishing, so you can also ask if anyone has recently gotten new hardwood in their home. Even if someone gives a glowing recommendation of a contractor, take some time to read reviews. This will let you make sure that your friend’s positive experience wasn’t a fluke and the contractor truly delivers high-quality work.

Experience and Training

You can start to compile a list of potential hardwood floor refinishing contractors via reviews and referrals, but then it is time to narrow down the list. The ideal contractor or company will have years of experience with this type of flooring. Choose a company that has been in business for at least a decade and has contractors with experience, as well. Don’t eliminate a particular business if it has a few newer contractors on the team as long as these technicians have the proper training and are gaining experience by working with others who have been in the industry for longer.

Get Estimates

Once you have narrowed down your list a bit more, it is time to start asking questions to choose between the top two or three hardwood floor refinishing contractors. Start by asking them for an estimate and be sure to ask what services this figure includes and whether there are extra fees you will be expected to pay. Keep in mind that it is frequently worth paying a little bit more for the refinishing, as this can get you better results that look more professional and last longer.

Ask Other Questions

Finally, you will want to ask the potential contractors other questions to make sure they are right for your refinishing needs. Find out about how long the project will take them to complete so you can plan your schedule accordingly. Ask them whether they will clean up the area afterward and remove unused supplies or you will be responsible for this step. Don’t forget to ask them who will be performing the refinishing. Make sure that the person you talk to will be working on the project or that someone he or she has worked with in the past will do the job. Avoid hiring an Austin, Texas, hardwood floor refinishing contractor that hires subcontractors to complete the job, as you will not be able to vet these workers. Before hiring anyone, ask about the guarantees offered for the work. The best contractors will be confident in their work and give you a guarantee of some sort.

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