Our craftsmen serve all of Central Texas including Austin, Lakeway, Westlake, Georgetown, Round Rock, Waco and surrounding communities.

"Mingo and his crew did a fantastic job! I was amazed at how wonderful the floors look after years of renting to tenants who trashed the floors and left them dull with pet stains. They looked better then they did when I purchased the house. Mingo was so professional, easy to work with and SO fast! I met with him on a Thursday and my floors were done on Sunday. He was great and I highly recommend his work."

Kristi H., Austin, TX

"I just had my light colored wood floors refinished with a dark stain. The men were on time,worked late and were on time the next day. They worked hard and the result was awesome. I highly recommend Mingo Munoz and his business. He is personable and easy to talk to. He had good recommendations and uses excellent products in the process. If you call him you will be highly satisfied. He was recommended to me by a neighbor who also resides in The Hills of Lakeway"

Cheryl H., Austin, TX

"14 years of wear and tear on my light colored wood floor. Mingo suggested going to a dark stain! It is beautiful and compliments my decor. His crew worked hard and were on time. He uses high quality products which I greatly appreciate. Mingo is so personable and easy to talk to. He was recommended to me by a neighbor here in The Hills of Lakeway who was also very pleased with the work and highly recommended him to me. Do not hesitate to call him if you have a problem, he will take good care of you."

Cheryl H, Austin, TX

Heavy rains caused water to wick through foundation of our Austin house and into a section of vintage hardwood floor that had been DIY installed / attached by former resident without waterproof barrier / glue. This section of the floor was left warped, with a long run of boards lifted above those on either side. The vendor called in by our property manager removed and discarded the boards from this section to facilitate his inspection of the foundation (no crack, thankfully). He insisted that the floor could not be properly repaired because the wood was old and unmatchable. Instead, this vendor said, we would have to redo the entire floor with all new wood! I wasn't happy that this guy tossed some of my vintage flooring without permission (couldn't this have been trimmed and sanded to fit?) and I was suspicious at his insistence that I replace the floor, so I sought out Beautiful Traditions for a second opinion. After he took a look, Mr. Munoz allowed that while it might be preferable to replace the floor in its entirety because it had not bee properly installed in the first place, and because the vintage hardwood would not allow for a perfect match with new hardwood, he was prepared to repair and refinish the floor on a best efforts basis. The replacement wood was as expected not a perfect match, but it was close enough, and once he got the green light Mr. Munoz was quick about getting the job done. Beautiful Traditions did a great job both repairing and refinishing and, yes, the pricing was pretty reasonable -- particularly since the first vendor said it couldn't be done!

Jim A , San Jose, CA