Even with so many hardwood flooring contractors in Austin, Texas, Beautiful Traditions Hardwood Flooring is able to easily stand out from the crowd. Between our incredible range of options and services and the history of working on prominent projects in the city, no other company or contractor can compete with our efforts. When you choose to hire our team, you can count on a high-quality product that adds beauty to your space, regardless of what or where it is.

Prominent Projects in Austin

Beautiful Traditions Hardwood Flooring is unique in that we are the only company of our kind in Texas to have the honor of working on the “medallion” made of wooden flooring that shows off the Texas Declaration of Independence. Every visitor to the Washington on the Brazos Museum gets a chance to see our impressive handiwork since the State of Texas chose our company to complete this special project. Our team recognized the honor associated with being chosen to create the custom wood flooring around the Declaration of Independence and worked hard to ensure it was as beautiful and unique as possible, capturing the essence of the document and our state’s pride. No other contractor or company can say they were honored with being asked to work on this prestigious project.

Availability of Custom Projects

Many contractors for hardwood floor refinishing and installation only offer set varieties of projects. They have the materials and types of spaces they work in and will not offer custom projects, at least not without charging exorbitant prices. Our team at Beautiful Traditions Hardwood Flooring is different in that we understand that some Austin residents or business owners want a unique focal point on their property. That is why we are happy to create custom projects that meet your specific needs. Our work on the medallion by the Texas Declaration of Independence is only one example of custom work, and we don’t hesitate to offer custom creations to residents, as well. Anyone can take advantage of our entire range of offerings.

Options for Everyone

In addition to giving the option of custom flooring, our team strives to provide services that meet the needs of any Austin resident. When it comes time for installation, you can choose from pre finished flooring and natural works. We also offering hardwood floor refinishing in addition to installation so you can keep working with our company throughout the lifespan of your hardwood floor, which will amount to decades with the proper care.

Dedication to Customer Satisfaction

All companies claim to put an emphasis on customer satisfaction, but Beautiful Traditions Hardwood Flooring is one of the few local businesses that actually works toward this goal. In fact, we are so dedicated to ensuring that you are satisfied with your flooring that we will work with you every step of the way. Before the installation begins, we will sit down with you to go over the various options and help you figure out which one is right for your budget and desires. We pull on our over three decades of experience providing top customer satisfaction to ensure you love the finished project. With such dedication, it should come as no surprise that Beautiful Traditions Hardwood Flooring has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.