Why Beautiful Traditions Hardwood Flooring Is the Company You Should Choose

As an Austin, TX, resident, you have numerous options for hardwood flooring solutions, but out of all these choices, Beautiful Traditions Hardwood Flooring stands out from the crowd. Whether you need installation, hardwood floor refinishing, or another service, we will be the best choice in the area for all your needs. We serve a wide area, offering installation, refinishing, and other services to residents in Austin and the surrounding areas. With a long history of excellence and friendly, knowledgeable staff, we are always the company you should choose.

Long History of Satisfied Customers

The contractors and businesses offering hardwood floor refinishing and installation constantly change, but Beautiful Traditions Hardwood Flooring has been a fixture in Austin for years. In fact, we have been in business since 1982, and since then, we have built up a reputation for high-quality installation. It is impossible to stay in business for more than three decades without having a loyal customer base that comes back for additional services and recommends us to their friends and family. These loyal customers prove that our company offers high-quality installation and products that truly last.

Refinishing and Installation from One Company

Not all Austin contractors can perform the same range of services related to hardwood floors as Beautiful Traditions Hardwood Flooring. We will actually provide nearly any related service you need. Our focus is installation and hardwood floor refinishing, but we can do more than just this. We have worked to create and install engineered flooring as well as custom options. Even if you are looking to install new flooring, we can give you multiple options, such as natural custom designs, prefinished materials, or something in between.

Excellent Reputation in the Community

In addition to our long list of satisfied clients we’ve helped since 1982, our company has built a strong reputation within the community as a whole. The Better Business Bureau has given us an A+ rating, demonstrating that you can truly count on us. In fact, the State of Texas chose Beautiful Traditions Hardwood Flooring to create the custom wood floor “medallion” at the Washington on the Brazos Museum. This custom feature shows off the Texas Declaration of Independence in all its glory and also demonstrates our company’s range of abilities. We were honored to work on such a prestigious project and dedicate the same level of hard work on any project.

Assistance Every Step of the Way

Beautiful Traditions Hardwood Flooring also stands out from the crowd with our high level of customer attention and helpfulness. If you decide you want hardwood floor refinishing or another service, our friendly staff will help you out with every single step of the process. Some competitors will just complete the installation or refinishing and leave. Our team, however, works with you to determine which of our services is right for your needs. We show you the various options for flooring and make sure you understand the unique maintenance requirements, advantages, and disadvantages of the material you choose. In the rare cases we don’t typically